The Irish Hairdressers Federation was founded in 1974.

Since its establishment, it has provided support, opportunity and representation to it’s members in the Hairdressing Industry. As well as raising the status of hairdressing as a profession in Ireland.













Meet the IHF Executive Committee

Our committee, primarily comprised of Salon Owners who all give their time voluntarily to the Federation, continuously campaign for the hair industry on key issues that affect you and your business.

IHF Committee Members

Oftentimes the Irish Hairdressers Federation will survey members to gauge their opinions about various issues. The feedback gathered is then used to help us make informed decisions on which topics should be prioritised for campaigns, curated for reports, or submitted to Government.

Your Industry, Your Say

Our organisation represents the Hairdressing Industry of Ireland at both National and International Level.

The IHF holds Ireland's Membership for:

Coiffure EU (European Association of Employers' Organisations in Hairdressing)

OMC (World Hairdressers Organisation)

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