Awarded by Irish Hairdressers Federation run by Crumlin College of Further Education (CDETB)

Online enrollment will open from early December for those wishing to take part in the Master Diploma In Hairdressing - course starts 15/01/2024.

A  'Classroom Based' course with a duration of 12 weeks per module.

Classes will take place on Mondays 6.15pm - 9.15pm in Crumlin College.

Students must have at least 6 years’ hairdressing experience (which may include training) to join this course.

The course is of two years’ duration, consisting of four modules.

Two modules are taught each year:

  • Hairdressing Science (January 2024)
  • Supervisory Management (September 2024)
  • Practical Hairdressing (January 2025)
  • Business Management (September 2025)

€300 per module payable in September and January.

Examinations take place at the end of each module.

 Examination fee extra. The diploma will only be awarded to candidates who have successfully completed all four module examinations. Candidates must be either personally registered members or employed by salons who are registered members of the IHF at the time of conferring.

Once enrolled, the course tutor will be in touch to verify your suitability for the course

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