The Irish Hairdressers Federation was formed as a voluntary group in 1974. Since its establishment, the Federation has worked tirelessly to raise the status of hairdressing as a profession in Ireland, to provide advisory services to its members, to provide creative and competitive platforms through which their members' skills can be developed, to promote professional standards of service within the industry, to promote a standardised system of hairdressing training in Ireland, and to offer opportunities for members to get together with like-minded professionals to discuss issues that affect their everyday working lives. The Federation provides an Advice Line whereby members can get help or advice relating to trade or employment issues. The Federation issues a regular Newsletter updating members on key issues and developments in the industry. The Federation also publishes guidelines for its members on such issues as Salon Rules, Contracts of Employment, Health & Safety, Disciplinary Procedures, Payment of Wages and a Code of Ethics. The IHF is the only official voice for Irish Hairdressers.