In November, IHF President Lisa Eccles and IHF Executive Committee Member Gerry Hynes had the honour of representing Ireland at the Plenary Meeting of Coiffure EU in Brussels and actively participated in discussions and workshops that covered a spectrum of topics.

Coiffure EU, the European association of employers' organizations in hairdressing, brings together professionals, experts, and leaders in the hairdressing industry. This alliance is dedicated to fostering cooperation, sharing best practices, and addressing common challenges faced by the European hairdressing community.

Gerry Hynes, a member of the IHF Executive Committee, holds a dual role as both a board member and the appointed Chairperson of Coiffure EU. Gerry actively participates in numerous meetings throughout the year, leveraging his expertise and commitment.

While Gerry has been engaged with Coiffure EU for an extensive period, this marked the inaugural participation of Lisa Eccles in a Coiffure EU meeting. Speaking about the experience she said:

 “I am deeply honoured to have had the privilege of representing Ireland on a European level here in Brussels. The tireless work that unfolds throughout the year is truly inspiring. Having listened to the updates from Gerry's attendance at various meetings over the years, I am thrilled to have witnessed it firsthand, engage with fellow representatives from across Europe and I am certainly looking forward to returning.”

The Irish Hairdressers Federation are proud members of Coiffure EU.

Coiffure EU