Meet the 2023 Icon Award Recipients

Reserved only for those who have significantly contributed to the betterment of the hairdressing industry.

Angie DromgooleĀ 

Zeba Hairdressing

Angie stands as a joint owner in the illustrious salon chain, Zeba Hairdressing.

Her work has graced the covers of top fashion magazines, and who's influence extends far beyond the salon chair.

Angie's innovative techniques, creative vision, and unwavering dedication has not only shaped the industry but has also inspired countless professionals along the way.

Cathal KeaveneyĀ 

Peter Mark

Cathal has acted as the driving force behind the vast empire of Peter Mark salons spread throughout Ireland.

He has been a mentor and a guiding light to countless individuals who have aspired to excel in the Industry.

His commitment to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and empowering the next generation of hairstylists and salon managers is a testament to his character and the mark of a true leader.

A long time IHF representative, Ā  Cathal has worked tirelessly to represent the Irish Hairdressing Industry and lobby on behalf of salons all over Ireland.

The Irish Hairdressing Federation on behalf of it's members extends its heartfelt gratitude to both Angie and Cathal forĀ theirĀ outstanding contributions to our Industry