Get your Trainee's Involved! 

We want to see their creative spark flow and this years star team challenge has the amazing prize of getting to join the star team on one of their education days!


  • Participants must create a hair look that aligns with the theme "Runway Ready," allowing for creative interpretation and expression within this theme.
  • The competition is open exclusively to junior hairdressers at any level who are currently undergoing training.
  • Entrants are allowed to submit multiple entries, giving them ample opportunity to showcase their skills.
  • Participants have the flexibility to create their looks on a live model, themselves, or a mannequin head.
  • Before and after images must be included in each post or reel.
  • To be considered, entries must utilize the hashtag #IHFSTARTEAMCHALLENGE24 and tag @irishhairfed.
  • Your must ensure your Instagram Page is set to public so we can see your entry.
  • Only one winner will be selected.
  • Submissions received after the deadline of 30.04.2024 will not be accepted. Winner will announced on 10.05.2024.
  • Posts containing hashtag typos will be excluded from consideration, emphasizing the importance of accurate spelling.
  • The winner will get the opportunity to join the Star Team on one of their education days.
  • All rules and guidelines must be followed diligently to ensure fairness and integrity throughout the competition.
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Examples of "Runway Ready" from Current Star Team Members:

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