A Fatal Cut - Economic Report

At the beginning of this year the Irish Hairdressers Federation launched a nationwide campaign to keep the VAT rate for the Hairdressing Sector at 9% ahead of the Government’s plan to raise it to 13.5% on 1st March.

The organisation collaborated with Octavian Economics to prepare a detailed report, which was submitted to Government. The report titled “A Fatal Cut” detailed the key reasons why Government intervention was needed to support what is already a vulnerable industry and how failure to act could possibly put possibly thousands of people at risk of unemployment.

Members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation where then encouraged to get involved. The IHF led its members in a grassroots campaign, guiding Salon Owners in how to contact their local representatives to express the pressures of which they are facing within their businesses.

Government Officials, TD’s and the Media were then invited to meet the Industry’s Representative Body in the Buswells Hotel, nearby Government Buildings, at the end of January while the Federations campaign ramped up twofold. 

The Irish Hairdressers Federation welcomed the Governments decision to extend the 9% VAT rate for the industry for a further 6 months.

The reduced VAT rate of 9% will remain until 31st August 2023.

Danielle Kennedy thanked the members of the Irish Hairdressers Federation for their collective efforts in engaging with their local representatives and getting involved. “Their contributions were essential to achieving this outcome.”

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